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My ceramic designs are inspired by Ukrainian folk art. As a second generation Ukrainian American, I grew up surrounded by many of the beautiful patterns, styles, and motifs that are typical of Ukrainian folk art.

I'm especially drawn to the style of the Hutsul's, an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainian highlanders who for centuries have inhabited the Carpathian mountains. Traditional Hutsul culture is often represented by the colorful and intricate craftsmanship of their clothing, sculpture, architecture, woodworking, metalworking (especially in brass), rug weaving, pottery, and egg decorating (pysanka).

The Hutsuls are not farmers, most Hutsuls make a living either in the forests, or via their handcrafts. The Hutsul region merits the name "land of the artists". The photos below are samples of Hutsul ceramics from exhibition which was held in 2010 in Lubaczow in the Borderland Museum (Muzeum Kresow).


Hutsul Tile Hutsul bowl Hutsul Candel Holder
Hutsul Plate Hutsul ceramics Hutsul Plate